About Me

I have been a professional software engineer for over fifteen years. I currently work at Intuit as an architect. I have written bootloaders, ported the Linux kernel and Android to new platforms, written CPU diagnostics, and worked on Enterprise web applications.  Under titles including Developer, Product Owner, Delivery Principal, Architect, and a few others, I have been leading teams and helping them become more agile for over a decade. My passion is improving lives with technology, through products large and small.

When I’m not behind a keyboard I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife Amanda and hanging out with my dog Tex.  In the summer you can find me in my pool or out running (then back in the pool).  In the winter I count the days until summer returns to Texas (I never have to count too long).

Some specific interesting things I’ve done:

  • Added a mouse pointer to Android
  • Cold booted Android in under 7 seconds
  • Wrote a multitasking boot loader
  • Helped an airline implement a new FAA regulation (FAR117)
  • Refactored a 5000 line state machine to 200 lines with 0 defects

I love telling stories so this blog will be a mix of stories about things I have seen and done, with the lessons I have learned.  I hope you find something useful or insightful here.  If you do, please comment or drop me a line directly.  I can be reached at kevin@kevinmhickey.com


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