Change is hard, lasting change is harder

Accepting change is hard. Getting other people to change is even harder. The hardest thing of all is lasting change. Often, transformation efforts last only as long as the change agents are around; teams revert back to their old behaviors when they leave. This has a lot to do with confidence and buy-in. Change is usually rushed, and forced by “experts” who use phrases like “trust me” or “this is industry standard”. With a rushed process, it is easy for people to resist change, thinking that the change does not apply to their culture, problem or domain. But with some extra time, commitment, relationship building and empathy, lasting change is possible.

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Why to write tests

A big part of writing good automated tests is understanding why to write each test. While this seems obvious, people rarely think about it.  When I write a test, I make sure that it achieves at least one of the following goals:

  1. Verify that the product meets the business requirements
  2. Give cover for future change
  3. Document intent

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